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My running list of books I want to read might currently be upwards of 150. ...Oops?

Exchanged where late the sweet birds sang for a copy that wasn't missing a page and was SO HAPPY to find it had dropped in price by $6. Accordingly, I picked up another book - Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse - which is an anthology of short stories including some by George R R Martin, Octavia E Butler, and Orson Scott Card. I'm silly amounts of excited.

I finished where late the sweet birds sang and liked the last half of the book much more than the first half. I love it's themes and messaging, but it feels to me like it ought to have been a much shorter story. The settings are meticulously and beautifully detailed, but most of the characters feel interchangeable (intentionally, I think) and some whole lines of plot feel utterly pointless (unintentionally, I presume). I'm glad I read it and I will probably keep it, but I'm far more likely to pull Alas, Babylon or Earth Abides off the shelf for a reread than this.

On to the anthology! So stupidly excited...


Reading (of the non-fic variety)

So I've been reading actual books lately. Like, printed on paper and everything. I KNOW. How very archaic of me. Anyhow, I thought I'd give a brief rundown and opinion on a few because a) I never seem to post anything anymore and b) I'm never short on opinions. SO... here we go...

(Spoilers are pretty minor throughout)

1) World War Z by Max Brooks
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2) The Space Merchants by Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth
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3) The Twelve by Justin Cronin
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I'm reading another book now, where late the sweet birds sang by Kate Wilhelm, but the stupid publisher missed a rather important page right in the middle of the book, so I'm going to try and go exchange it tomorrow. Still, I'll say this about it. It's a 1970s Hugo award winner about a small town who survives the apocalypse (What? I have a certain kind of story I really, really like...) only to find they've all been turned barren. They turn to cloning to prolong the life of the human species. The story appears to predominately be about these clones who share a mental bond and shun "breeders" (those amongst the clones who aren't barren), their elders and anyone with a sense of individuality. Thus far, I'm not loving the book, but I suspect that's largely because of intentionally bland characterization meant to show the interchangeable nature of the identical clones. I'm hoping the last half of the book will be more engaging.

Anyone read any of these?? Opinions jive or am I kooky?

Question for the Flist...

So, my not-quite-five-year-old has a sudden interest in history and I was wondering if anyone on my friend's list had any suggestions on books (or apps or videos or whatever) on history that are good for young children? I know some of you are real history buffs (or history teachers!).

She's particularly interested in things people have done and what they have made as well as how things came to be like they are now (i.e. "How was the first building built before builders knew how to build houses?" which led to talk of adobes and igloos and caves, which kinda blew her mind). She doesn't seem to care to narrow her interest to a specific region or era. And, I neither want to wash over things like... English settlers intentionally giving Native Americans smallpox to kill them and steal their land... nor do I want to explain it like that... obviously. So... suggestions are more than welcome! Thoughts, anyone?

Fake people are fun!

So, I'm playing Sims again. It's a thing I seem to go back to periodically, and have done so since Sims 1 with no expansions. This time, it's Sims 3... with all expansions except the newest (and the stuff packs). I am, of course, doing a Harry Potter themed neighborhood, loosely based on the RPG [or, as more people would probably know it, loosely based on "Four Girls Sirius Black Could Have Fallen In Love With (And One He Did)]. In the past when I've play these towns, I've posted pictures on my LJ and had a surprising number of people (as in more than one) who was entertained and commented about it. With Livejournal dying so much, I'm wondering if anyone would care this time?

Sneak Preview?
Orion and Walburga fight a lot. He apparently thinks she's a real witch. ;-)  [That she's insane and he keeps cheating on her probably doesn't help much either]

Things - part eleventy billion

1) My phone auto corrects "Voldemort" to "cold emote." I find this utterly hilarious.

2) My kids' mad love of all things Disney have led to Ava walking around saying "How exasperating!" And Shawn saying "Aw, t'weren't nothin'." I find their choice of phrase quite appropriate as Ava is totally Donald Duck and Shawn is completely Goofy.

3) Shawn is almost entirely potty trained. HALLELUJAH!!!

4) I am very very seriously thinking about turning "Four Girls Sirius Black Could Have Fallen In Love With (And One He Did)" into a series by adding parallel fics about Regulus, James, Remus and Peter. The first fic only took me two years to write so clearly this is an insane idea... Also let's pretend I don't have other writing projects I should be working on.


Fic: Toy Soldiers (T, 1/1)

Revolution fic!

Toy Soldiers
By: isis_uf
Rated: T (language, vague canon het sex, canon implied slashy feelings, incredibly unhealthy relationships, wartime violence, abuse of parenthetical asides)
Pairings: Monroe/inferiority-complex (side pairings of internalized Miles/Monroe, inferred Rachel/Miles, very brief Miles/Emma and Monroe/Emma)
Summary: Bass has always coveted everything that Miles has, fought to be everything Miles is (there have always been casualties in their war) 

AO3 or FFN



So, I've been getting some writing done. Not as much as I'd like and not necessarily in the fics I'd most like to be working on, but it's still a good thing. Finished a 5k Revolution fic (IDEK, it hit me and it needed to happen) today. Awaiting a beta before I post it. It's the closest to slash I've ever written, honestly. More Monroe/inferiority-complex than anything else but definite undertones of Miles/Monroe throughout. Anyhow, it has lots of skewed navel-gazing and parenthetical asides and metaphors and I mostly am pretty darn happy with it. It's called Toy Soldiers and I expect I'll post it here in a couple of days (though if someone on my flist is secretly a crazed Revolution fan and wants a sneak peek, I wouldn't say no to a second beta on it).

Next writing project is back to working on my Castle meta fic (Death of a Fangirl). I need to rewatch "Sucker Punch" because I'm using the Westies in it and I wanna get Finn Rourke's voice right (darn... such a trial rewatching Castle. :-p). I'm about 5.5k into the fic, which I plan to run about 25-30k (as if my plans ever actually happen).

In non-fanish news... Tuesday after swimming class, Shawn (who is three) slipped and face-planted on the wet floor of the bathroom and completely shattered a front tooth. I'm not gonna lie, I panicked. Kinda stupidly. He's fine now, but he did have to have what was left of the tooth extracted and they won't know if there was damage to his permanent tooth until it comes it. Tooth fairy brought him an etch-a-sketch and me a six-pack of beer (I feel I earned it; thank you, tooth fairy).

Otherwise things are good. My parents got back from their three week cruise/vacation this week and the kids are over the moon that they're back. Ava misses school (which has been out for almost a month now), but I've been keeping the kids pretty busy so she's coping. OH and she's OBSESSED with the Sims on the ipad (this is genetic, maybe?). The ipad version of the sims has them do everything in real time. So, like, if they sleep for eight hours, they sleep for eight hours. She will sit there and watch them do this. She also has started walking around speaking Simlish, which is hilarious. Pic below was taken this morning.


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Wrote 2850 words today. WOOHOO! Halfway through chapter two in my Castle fic. Anyone on my flist read Castle fics? I'm not posting anything from it until it's done or very nearly done. But at this rate... well... I'm pretty damn pleased with the pace.