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Life and Kids and Writing and Stuff

So, yesterday should have been awesome but mostly wasn't. The plan was to be at a free car seat safety check thing when they opened and go straight from there to the free multicultural fair (complete with bouncy castles). Since the kids had stayed up late to watch the opening ceremonies, I'd thought they'd sleep in a little. Alas, they were still up at 5:30. Even getting to the car seat safety check before they opened, we waited an HOUR AND A HALF in line. I'd have left the line but was fully boxed in by cars. Since they had so little sleep and the car seat thing took so long, we had an epic meltdown shortly after getting to the fair (because Ava could not climb the full sized rock wall. Sorry kid, they wouldn't even let you in more than half of the bouncy castles because you aren't five). I bodily hauled her kicking and screaming several blocks back to the car as she pinched me, kicked me, tried to throw herself headfirst onto the pavement, grabbed at everything and everyone nearby trying to hold on and howled like a banshee. In total contrast, Shawn kept saying "I had fun. Thank you!" over and over. Accordingly, I'm pretty freaking sore from wrestling with her. After naps were taken, things improved greatly. I got a fair bit written while they slept (I'm hoping to finish up my first draft of chapter nine today as I'm only about 1-1.5k away from done, I think) and we all kicked the ball around out back with the neighborhood kids after naps. Oh, and I finally saw Captain America after the kids went to bed since it's FINALLY streaming on Netflix.

Today promises much improvement. My parents are taking both kids berry picking all morning (yay!), gifting me and Dan with blessed silence in the house for a few hours. And Dan is so crazy supportive over my writing that he's literally offering to get the kids out of the house or kick me out with the laptop this afternoon until I finish up my chapter. This is kind of amazing to me since - even though it might mean a ton to me - at the end of the day, it's just fanfic. But, to him it's more about being encouraging and wanting me to develop the discipline to finish these things so that I can work on original stuff... someday. Any way you look at it, it's awesome, though. 

So um... yeah, that's it, I think.
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