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My grandmother is doing worse than they'd thought and will need longer rehab than the hospital can provide, so they are sending her to a nursing home. This has the whole family freaking out because no one wants her in a nursing home (her least of all). While I'm grateful that it's finally widely acknowledged that she cannot live alone (thank you for that, hospital, since no one was willing to put that out there other than me, who apparently goes unlistened to), this is obviously far from how I wanted to see this come about. If they can get her to the point where she's well enough to get on a plane, my parents are planning having her live with them. The flight from Florida to Oregon is hard on anyone but in her condition it might not even be workable. They've talked about this on and off for years. Ironically, my two aunts live much, much closer (one in the same city) but neither is willing and able to take care of her (she has three children, six grandchildren, nine great-grand children and one and a half great-great grandchildren (cousin's grandchild due Oct 1) and ALL of them live closer than my parents...). Any way this goes looks bad to me at this point. Best case scenario is her living with my parents, but she's already in need of a fair amount of care both physically and mentally (which she denies) and I can only imagine its going to become more pronounced. She has some dementia and paranoia (and paranoia about her dementia, which is awesome). It's going to be bad no matter what. Honestly, I'm not sure what to hope for right now. Getting old sucks.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE... I'm writing some. About 1k into the next chapter and it's ... not got quite the tone I'm looking for yet. I think it'll come together nicely once I get Michael and Sara alone in a room together, though. Just need to get there. Right now its mostly Sara hating all over Dr. Middleton (and... rightly so, but can we please move on to you being in the same room with not!dead Michael now? Plz?). I rewatched The Key yesterday and a few fanvids. It's good to have a refresher now and then. Research, right? Totally legit. I do with there were more decent fanvids that weren't all emo "woe, Michael died" centric. Because... yeah, I don't buy it. Not my canon. So not my canon that I'm writing a whole damn series to convince other people that it's not their canon either. Good lord I need to finish this so I can start planning for Way Back to Daylight. November is right around the corner and NaNoWriMo is tots intimidating. MUST PLAN!
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