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I've been so achieve-y today! Spent a few hours cleaning this morning and got about half the house done. Walked with the kids up to the resale shop and got some great deals on cold weather kids' clothes (because while Ava has like four dozen shirts, only two of them apparently are long sleeved). Walked over to Pizza Schmizza for lunch and let the kids ride the silly horse ride thing there several times (it's only a quarter! Stupid rides at the mall are 75 cents to TWO DOLLARS). Walked over to the grocery store and got dinner stuff (chicken breasts for all of $1.99 a lb and a damn decent bottle of wine for $15 - Argyle Chardonnay). Came home and put the kids down for a nap and wrote 1100 words in Five Minutes to Midnight. YAY ME! 

I'm gonna write more later but I needed a mental deep breath before the next part. It's honestly the part I have most been looking forward to writing out of everything. For months. And I want a clear head before I dive in. But I've got about 3.1k words so far this chapter and I think it's about halfway. Maybe a little less. If I can keep being this awesome all week, I SHOULD have the chapter done this weekend. If I'm being SUPER awesome, I might possibly be able to finish the whole story in time for the Prison Break anniversary fest at uncuffmybrother It's good to have goals, right? I think there's only one chapter after the one I'm working on and I don't think it will be long (but I've been surprised before...). 

In other FAR less productive news... Guild Wars 2 is out and it's kinda freaking awesome... Oh MMORPGs... how you kill all productivity (except, apparently, today).
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