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So for months I've driven past "no parking - filming" signs and food service trucks and funky lighting equipment on the way to take Dan to/from work. This isn't totally unexpected because I live in Portland and they film a handful of things here - most notably Leverage and Grimm. 

Now, I had been hoping it was Grimm (it's right next to a gothic looking church) and that I'd eventually see Silas Weir Mitchell. Not because I watch Grimm (I don't) and not because of any great adoration for Mr. Mitchell (though, damn fine actor!). No, I simply wanted to see him because he was on Prison Break. That's all. I didn't even love Haywire that much (though... stand up and applaud for the acting on that. Kudos, sir)! 

I had failed to realize that this location also is right next to the Governor Hotel which, with its awesome visual appeal, is used on Leverage (which I also don't watch... Sorry, I tried!). I know this because today I totally saw Christian Kane chatting with a security guard right next to the barriers. My long, long, long dormant Angel fangirl tendencies squeed (HI LINDSEY!) in spite of the fact that it wasn't Silas Weir Mitchell. 
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