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Thus far today (at 8:15 in the morning) I have:
Laughed my ass off at my daughter's commentary about genitalia 
Walked up to get coffee
Found missing cat (that I couldn't grab) on the way to get coffee
Randomly ran into the owner of missing cat while walking back from coffee (she saw me staring at the sign and came over)
Went grocery shopping
Discovered that my refrigerator sounds disturbingly like a coffee maker all of the sudden

To do today includes:
Take kids to mom's
Finish cleaning the old apartment
Schedule final walk-through of apartment
Call/e-mail current landlord re: how to pay him rent, scary fridge and horrid dishwasher
Clean current house (including dishes and laundry)
Pick kids up from mom's and get Dan
Make hair/eyebrow appointment
Use treadmill
and other life-related things like... feeding children and such


*edits because I apparently can't spell before noon
Tags: cleaning, life, list

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