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Question for the Flist...

So, my not-quite-five-year-old has a sudden interest in history and I was wondering if anyone on my friend's list had any suggestions on books (or apps or videos or whatever) on history that are good for young children? I know some of you are real history buffs (or history teachers!).

She's particularly interested in things people have done and what they have made as well as how things came to be like they are now (i.e. "How was the first building built before builders knew how to build houses?" which led to talk of adobes and igloos and caves, which kinda blew her mind). She doesn't seem to care to narrow her interest to a specific region or era. And, I neither want to wash over things like... English settlers intentionally giving Native Americans smallpox to kill them and steal their land... nor do I want to explain it like that... obviously. So... suggestions are more than welcome! Thoughts, anyone?
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