May 19th, 2013


Navel-gazing about fic writing

Finally got around to cross-posting my fics on AO3 yesterday. All told, I posted 23 of them (same user name). There are dozens more I've written but they are either older (and somewhat embarrassing) or abandoned or both. Anyhow, it's surprising and interesting to see which fics are getting hits and kudos.

It occurred to me yesterday that as of this year I'll have been writing fan fiction for 25 years. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. That's... astounding. And feels wrong. Also, considering how much I obsess over my fics and how long I've considered myself a fanfic writer, that I only have about 117k words I felt good about enough to post on AO3 is kinda pathetic. Thus, I need to write more. More importantly? I need to FINISH more.

I have a fic idea that's been eating my brain of late. It's an increeeeedibly meta Castle fic that I'm titling "Death of a Fangirl." So, I'm thinking I'm going to work on that next. After the angst-fest that was "Four Girls..." I could certainly use some funny meta. And, given my recent revelation on how long I've been writing fan fics and been in fandoms? I'm pretty sure I've got a damn solid background for that kind of meta.