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So my treadmill came yesterday and I LOVE it. Wish I'd gotten it years ago. I spent 37 minutes on it while the kids napped, doing 1.75 miles. I watched an episode of Jericho (fun show! What else have I missed in years past? Please share!) while running/walking. I plan on doing this daily (and moving on to other shows after... so, really... suggestions are yay). I'd really love to be doing it again right now actually but I'm pretty sure I'd hate myself tomorrow considering I have led a mostly sedentary lifestyle until now.

I'm super thrilled to have had some nice reviews on Five Minutes to Midnight (only one on FFN but lots more on my LJ... thank you all). And I'm really looking forward to seeing what people think of the second chapter when I post it tomorrow... I have written very, very little in the last week (chapter eight is still kicking my butt hard) but I'm working on reframing what feel I want for the scene and how to make it flow... I've kinda had them following a sensible plan that leads to little action, but the scene begs for action so I think I need more roadblocks than I'd been planning... 

The kids were kinda brutal today. Accordingly, even though I started again with the counting calories today, I managed to fit in two rum and cokes (mid-first one now). Two-year molars + normally scheduled naptime fail + attempting to nap at 4 pm = horrid. Just... no. Also please to stop with the screaming. 

*drinks more*

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Hi flist!

So it seems like someone flipped a switch into "grown up" mode somewhere in me since I posted last. I spent 10 hours (not even exaggerating for once) on Saturday cleaning. It's still a mess but so much better. Then Sunday I went and bought a treadmill, which is getting delivered and assembled Monday (super excited about this, actually). And... I finally got back to writing (even though this chapter hates me and is a total bitch) having done 600 words yesterday and 1k so far today. On a related note I finally figured out how to make something happen that I REALLY needed to figure out for the story AND I managed to finally work in how the title relates to the story. *CHEERS*

Now... I have screaming children but before I leave... question!

Should I start posting chapters of Five Minutes to Midnight now and maybe update with a new chapter every other week (faster if I can write faster)? Or should I wait until the end of July as planned and then post weekly? Opinions welcome!
Tigh - xoD

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 Fuck, you guys, I am in get-shit-DONE mode today! I've seriously accomplished a TON of things this morning/afternoon... including some that have been sitting for YEARS waiting for me to do ("Hi bank, what can I do with my old 401k from my job in 2006?"). The paper shredder might have a heart attack and die a horrible, short-circuited death if I keep this up. On the downside... I can't seem to find my credit card (EEP!) which I was going to use to pay the $100 hospital bill from Shawn's birth. Oops? Must find that. I saw it like two days ago in the bathroom. I fear Ava might have gotten ahold of it and gone on a mini shopping spree buying bubbles and balloons and flowers.

Diet continues to go well. By my own rules I can weigh myself on Monday and I'm sooooo anxious to see what it says (my mom thinks I've lost at least 10 pounds). I've been doing really well and have only gone over by more than 100 calories once in three and a half weeks (that time was about 300 calories over... I needed a burger and fries kinda desperately). Most days I'm a few calories under my goal, which is awesome. I have more energy, my clothes fit better and I'm eating healthier. Yeah, I miss having oodles of cheese and cream sauces and lots of bread, but the trade off is worth it and it's not like I can NEVER have these things... I just have to have them in moderation and sparingly. 

How's life ppl? I'd tell you more about mine, but at the moment that would include copious bitching about Dan's grandfather's house that we've maybe-but-not-quite sold (and I like you all better than to subject you to that).

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Say you have a child who is obsessed with - oh - Elmo. Let me suggest that Elmo-themed pajamas are a VERY BAD IDEA in no way conducive to actual sleep and may lead to your toddler singing the theme song to Elmo's World whilst tearing apart their bedroom for hours. When you give in and go check on said toddler, they might perhaps point Very Excitedly to the Elmo on their chest and proceed to dance like they ate a bag full of Halloween candy while continuing to sing that damn Elmo's World theme song.

You know, maybe. Call it a hunch... 
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 Dear People,

If you have a problem with me, please bring it up to me personally and don't pull this passive-aggressive bullshit  where you bitch about me on your LJ looking for "oh poor you" comments from your flist. Be a grown up and stop airing your delusional fucking dirty laundry. 


P.S. If you think you can go six months without returning a single call or text message and then blame your former friend for ruining your friendship, you have a really twisted viewpoint.

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Excellent news! I survived my kid's 6th month birthday without ending up pinned to the ceiling of her nursery as it goes up in flames. So... WHEW, that's a load off my mind!

In only-slightly-less-life-altering news, Dan was called in for a final interview with the IRS for the job he wants AND he was told that the only other contender for the job dropped out. So... YAY YAY YAY!!!! His interview is next week and is hopefully just a formality.

My parents left for a week in Hawai'i today, which is lovely for them and I'm glad they are going. Though, of course, this means I have to actually be a grown-up and do all the housework and cooking, etc, etc on my own for a bit. But, I went all overachiever today and prepped or cooked up four meals for the week (chicken casserole, lime chili steak salad, chicken dijan, and chicken alfredo - GO ME!), in spite of the fact that Ava has been fussy all night and taken only a grand total of 1 hour of naptime today.

I got a surprise call Monday from a lifelong friend of mine (Literally lifelong. We have pictures of me holding her when she was like a month old and I was like a year and a half) saying "hey, want company for a week or so?" Turns out she got laid off and she's travelling a bit before getting back to searching for a job and she's going to fly up this coming Monday and stay with me for a week. I'm very, very excited! She lives in Florida, so I had no idea when I was going to get to see her again before this happened.

And now for a meme stolen from shygryf :
Instructions: Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question. NO CHEATING.

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Some people go sappy over Valentine's Day (as evidenced by my five month old kid getting cards from both her grandmas. Why, exactly? I don't get it). My flist, my flist is the other type of people. The type of people who go out and get really stinking drunk. ILU flist, I do. I'm telling you this in spite of it being Valentine's Day, not because of it.

On a totally different subject... we tried introducing Ava to her first food other than rice cereal today. It was apple that I smushed into a pulp and mixed into her cereal. She hated it. And, when I say hated it, I mean hated it. She gagged and shuddered. Seriously, baby? Who hates apples? My wine, however... my wine, she loves. She grabbed my glass and licked the rim of it twice today. Then cried and reached for it when I took it away. My dad says we have a future winemaker in the family. This is, of course, more acceptable than saying we have a future wino in the family.

Managing to combine the previous two subjects... the best thing about Valentine's Day is that the wineries do special tastings pairing their wine with chocolate (and cheese, but it's rly all about the chocolate). They do this All. Weekend. LONG! We went to Archery Summit, Domaine Drouhin and Argyle today (tried to do Stoller Vineyards too, but they were closed. WTF?). We're going out again tomorrow, though I'm not sure where yet. YAY FOR WINE AND CHOCOLATE (and cheese)! Good times, ppl. Good times. (Ava agrees)


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In a totally awesome moment that exemplifies why I should not ever, EVER do anything that requires anything like coordination, I give you tonight's dinner -

So I'm carrying two plates of spaghetti to the table, yes? Midway there, someone says something to me. I stop. The spaghetti, however, does not. My mom stared for a second at the new spaghetti-wallpaper, laughed and said "well... I've seen that happen on sitcoms before..." *headdesk* It was just that kind of day, people.

In considerably less klutzy news:

1) I am reading Mary Stewart's Merlin series and just finished the first book, The Crystal Cave. It is, at times, a bit overly descriptive for my taste with a smattering of archaic language that I've had to look up. But, in spite of that, it's an intricately woven, interesting read. I'm greatly enjoying the humanity she's crafted in her characters as well as the fresh perspective on such a frequently-told story (chiefly, the massively complicated politics of the generation(s) prior to Arthur's birth). All-in-all, I'm looking forward to the rest of the series, which is more than I can say about any of the other books I've read recently.

2) Christopher Moore (who wrote the epically awesome Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal) is going to be at Powell's Tuesday night and I am very excitedly planning on going. I may even get my copy of Lamb signed, just for the hell of it. Question, though... I know he has a new book out called Fool, which is basically a parody of King Lear. Now, being a Shakespearian nerd and a huge fan of Moore's Lamb, I really want to read this book. But... it's $27, which is - in my opinion - ridiculous. Has anyone on my flist read it yet? Are any of you planning to read it? Is it worth the $27? Please advise.

3) Well, fuck. I had a number three, but I've gone and forgotten it. Expect an addendum later...