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7th of 100 Things...

First day back at work since having to be out all week because of a family emergency (my grandfather is very ill so my mother flew back to take care of him for a bit leaving me without childcare. He's a couple weeks from 90 and while he's sort of doing better for the moment, we pretty much know that this threw him for a loop and he won't ever really recover... If he'd eat enough food to survive on, that'd help a fair bit though...). Anyhow, this is not really about that. This is about me being at work and therefore not doing other things such as a) writing and b) posting my 100 things post for the day. (Note to self: Win lotto soon). 

So, I'm doing a 100 Things post I had in my back pocket for a day where I had little time. Here ya go... and do remember that the 100 Things are "100 Fanfics I Have Loved" not necessarily "100 Fanfics I Would Rec..." because otherwise this might seem a bit self-centered...

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6th of 100 things...

I'm trying to do a "100 Things..." post every day, as you might have noticed. I'm also trying to get 1k words minimum written in "Five Minutes to Midnight" every day... I have a couple days to make up for this week (am at 1.2k of 2.7k I need to get done today to be up to speed but it was Really. Good. Stuff! Probably my favorite part thus far. I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it worked out.). Thus, this post almost got pushed off for tonight. Buuuuuuut... here you go.

(Yeah, I dropped using the graphic every time because it's just so darn big. But, you all know what I'm doing here right? Right.)

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100 Things... #1

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

Since half my flist seems to be doing this (YAY) and I finally thought of a topic I can blog 100 times about (easily), I'm taking part, too: 100 Fanfics I've Loved. Some will be fairly embarrassing probably because I loved them when I was young and far less discerning. Some will be guilty pleasures. Some will be by BNFs and some will be totally overlooked by most people. Some will just be the best things I've ever tripped across. I'm going to try to hit on at least ten different fandoms with this, too.

So let's kick this off! 

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