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Stuff and Things

In list form (just because)... 

1) I am still here (Hi all!)
2) Ava turns two tomorrow! (OMFG, whut?) Her party is Sunday and shall be Elmo themed because he is her favorite thing in the entire world. She occasionally uses full sentences now ("I don't like Shawn crying"), has learned the power of the word "please" and still could give a damn about toys and blocks because things like kicking a ball outdoors or pushing her doll (whom she's renamed Baby Shawn) on the swing are a billion times better. 
3) Dan goes on furlough next friday, but could be back to work as soon as sometime in October. This is actually good. If only we had the money, we'd totally go somewhere (anywhere) on vacation. Alas... we do not.
4) I am doing quite well at work and there's at least one other manager who wants to steal me away from my current position (no offer of a promotion or raise yet though). 
5) THE HOUSE FINALLY SOLD! HELL YES! The check came through today and now the estate just has to be settled. We're getting WAY less for it than we'd thought (had to replace the roof amongst other things... and housing prices dropped like woah). But our cut, when we get it in January, will certainly more than pay off our car and our credit card debt. 
6) Shawn's started on rice cereal (with banana in it today) and is in love with eating. He makes very happy noises and tries to grab the spoon and shove it in his mouth because I'm clearly not fast enough at feeding him. 
7) On a note related to number three, I spend too much money. 
8) Ava is possibly attempting to give up naps (this one I will fight for. Sorry kiddo. Naptime is more for mommy than for you).
9) Um... that's it.

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On the less winning side of life, my son kept me up until 3:30 this morning. I'm a zombie (which, speaking of that, oh Portland... ) and I have to work in like an hour. It's a short shift but I was gonna try and pick up a few extra hours just to put away the dresses that have accumulated from people trying on dozens of things at a time (not exaggerating). We'll see... I might be walking dead by the time my short little shift is done and if not my boss might not have the hours for me to stay on anyhow...
Tigh - xoD

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 Fuck, you guys, I am in get-shit-DONE mode today! I've seriously accomplished a TON of things this morning/afternoon... including some that have been sitting for YEARS waiting for me to do ("Hi bank, what can I do with my old 401k from my job in 2006?"). The paper shredder might have a heart attack and die a horrible, short-circuited death if I keep this up. On the downside... I can't seem to find my credit card (EEP!) which I was going to use to pay the $100 hospital bill from Shawn's birth. Oops? Must find that. I saw it like two days ago in the bathroom. I fear Ava might have gotten ahold of it and gone on a mini shopping spree buying bubbles and balloons and flowers.

Diet continues to go well. By my own rules I can weigh myself on Monday and I'm sooooo anxious to see what it says (my mom thinks I've lost at least 10 pounds). I've been doing really well and have only gone over by more than 100 calories once in three and a half weeks (that time was about 300 calories over... I needed a burger and fries kinda desperately). Most days I'm a few calories under my goal, which is awesome. I have more energy, my clothes fit better and I'm eating healthier. Yeah, I miss having oodles of cheese and cream sauces and lots of bread, but the trade off is worth it and it's not like I can NEVER have these things... I just have to have them in moderation and sparingly. 

How's life ppl? I'd tell you more about mine, but at the moment that would include copious bitching about Dan's grandfather's house that we've maybe-but-not-quite sold (and I like you all better than to subject you to that).

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 Am over on my diet by half a glass of wine (under a hundred calories). I refuse to believe that I didn't burn this much off today at work. On a related note... avoid heels no matter how cute omg.  Also? I work an 8 hr shift tomorrow. Yay and also omg way to jump in with both feet, self. Also, it would be nice if my daughter missed me JUST A LITTLE while I was at work... just sayin'. 
Tigh - xoD

It's not rocket science but...

I've got a job! It's just working part-time at Macy's in the dresses department, but I'm excited about it. I've got no doubt that I'll do well (always have at sales) and move up in no time. Plus, YAY INCOME! This is doubly important since Dan goes on furlough soon. Also, YAY ADULTS I CAN HAVE CONVERSATIONS WITH FACE-TO-FACE... one can only take just so many "conversations" about balloons, flowers, bubbles and poo poo with a toddler before losing their mind.

In short, YAY JOB. Also, keep forgetting to post my diet numbers, but I am right on track and doing great with it. So DOUBLE YAY! 

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 I realize that beggars can't be choosers but seriously? Some of these job ads are just... wow. I apparently need "solid intrapersonal skills." So... I need to be skilled at what? Interacting with myself?  And "strong oral & written communicationis imperactive." I just... imperactive? Rly? And then there's the kicker - "but first submit your resume first" - which needs no commentary.

OH MY GOD. These people all seriously need to hire me... if only to fix the language in their job postings. On the other hand, pointing out their grammatical errors might perhaps not be a good way to get a job. 

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My lunch was a make-shift chicken parmesan made from chicken nuggets shaped like Mickey Mouse and a jar of Ragu. Fuck but I need a few days amongst adults.

In other news, the job hunt continues and I'm cautiously optimistic about an application I sent in yesterday. We'll see. I'm being a lot more proactive about this than I was a few weeks ago or even last year before I got pregnant with Shawn. Dan's going on furlough soon, so that's an added incentive and I'd really, really, REALLY like to be out of debt so that we can come up with a solid game plan for the next few years that doesn't involve commandeering my parents' house.