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Things - part eleventy billion

1) My phone auto corrects "Voldemort" to "cold emote." I find this utterly hilarious.

2) My kids' mad love of all things Disney have led to Ava walking around saying "How exasperating!" And Shawn saying "Aw, t'weren't nothin'." I find their choice of phrase quite appropriate as Ava is totally Donald Duck and Shawn is completely Goofy.

3) Shawn is almost entirely potty trained. HALLELUJAH!!!

4) I am very very seriously thinking about turning "Four Girls Sirius Black Could Have Fallen In Love With (And One He Did)" into a series by adding parallel fics about Regulus, James, Remus and Peter. The first fic only took me two years to write so clearly this is an insane idea... Also let's pretend I don't have other writing projects I should be working on.



So, I've been getting some writing done. Not as much as I'd like and not necessarily in the fics I'd most like to be working on, but it's still a good thing. Finished a 5k Revolution fic (IDEK, it hit me and it needed to happen) today. Awaiting a beta before I post it. It's the closest to slash I've ever written, honestly. More Monroe/inferiority-complex than anything else but definite undertones of Miles/Monroe throughout. Anyhow, it has lots of skewed navel-gazing and parenthetical asides and metaphors and I mostly am pretty darn happy with it. It's called Toy Soldiers and I expect I'll post it here in a couple of days (though if someone on my flist is secretly a crazed Revolution fan and wants a sneak peek, I wouldn't say no to a second beta on it).

Next writing project is back to working on my Castle meta fic (Death of a Fangirl). I need to rewatch "Sucker Punch" because I'm using the Westies in it and I wanna get Finn Rourke's voice right (darn... such a trial rewatching Castle. :-p). I'm about 5.5k into the fic, which I plan to run about 25-30k (as if my plans ever actually happen).

In non-fanish news... Tuesday after swimming class, Shawn (who is three) slipped and face-planted on the wet floor of the bathroom and completely shattered a front tooth. I'm not gonna lie, I panicked. Kinda stupidly. He's fine now, but he did have to have what was left of the tooth extracted and they won't know if there was damage to his permanent tooth until it comes it. Tooth fairy brought him an etch-a-sketch and me a six-pack of beer (I feel I earned it; thank you, tooth fairy).

Otherwise things are good. My parents got back from their three week cruise/vacation this week and the kids are over the moon that they're back. Ava misses school (which has been out for almost a month now), but I've been keeping the kids pretty busy so she's coping. OH and she's OBSESSED with the Sims on the ipad (this is genetic, maybe?). The ipad version of the sims has them do everything in real time. So, like, if they sleep for eight hours, they sleep for eight hours. She will sit there and watch them do this. She also has started walking around speaking Simlish, which is hilarious. Pic below was taken this morning.


Happy birthday Shawn!

My little man is three today! Somehow it's sunny and dry and gorgeous out so we are spending most of the day at the park. He's thrilled (and its free so double yay!). The weather also makes for great pictures...

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

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All of the things (a total mishmosh)

1. I'm visiting andacus in a couple of days. Cannot. Wait. For srs. It'll be warm and sunny and I'll have my bff and wine and other assorted alcohols and yummy food and a bit of a break from my adorable munchkins. Let me tell you, this is appealing so, so very much.

2. Ava is continuing to love her gymnastics class and is progressing fast enough and showing enough promise that they've asked her to join the new competitive training class. It's meant to teach the basics early on to start a good foundation for kids who want to do gymnastics competitively later and it's invite-only. I'd never push her to do a sport competitively if she didn't want to, but I'd like her to have a good foundation in case she wants to. Plus the class is twice as long (which she would love) and small with lots of one-on-one attention. So, I think we're gonna try it out and see if she still likes it. If it's too much pressure or not enough fun or whatever for her, we'll switch back.

3. I'm writing some. I've made slow but visible progress on "Four Girls Sirius Black Could Have Fallen In Love With (And One He Did)." I'm still not entirely certain how that fic has turned into such a long one, but it is. It's not flowing as easily as it did last time I was working on it, but honestly I'm just pretty proud to have come back to a fic a year after taking a break from it and making progress on it. It might help that it's existed in my head one way or another for six years now... That's a hell of a thought... Shit, i need to learn to write way the hell faster.

4. In my headcanon, "Girl on Fire" is Castle's personal theme song for Nikki Heat. This makes me laugh every damn time it's on the radio. Yes, I know I'm a total dork. This is not news.

5. Everyone in my immediate family is illness-free for the first time this year since mid-January - which is fantastic and well overdue - but my extended family isn't doing so hot. My uncle's in the hospital with heart problems. My grandmother's mental faculties are... poor and she fell again (this time breaking her clavicle, but at least it wasn't her hip and at least she wasn't on the floor for two days before someone found her this time). She is finally moving to an assisted living home. It makes me sigh and feel old.

6. I've read so many fanfics in the last few weeks that they are actually starting to blur together. You'd think that would make them less enjoyable, but no. Not really.

Um... that is all, I think. Other than a hello. HELLO!

(no subject)

Finally got myself to write, which I've had a seriously hard time with for like two months now, and I'm finally liking what I've got. Expect the next three in my ficlet meme up tomorrow (prompts crack-clio harper, horror-stella gardner, and baby fic-michael scofield and damon salvatore). That "crack-Clio Harper'' prompt was a huge hurdle for me. I literally wrote an entire fic, deleted it all and started over. Never done that before, but it was totally necessary. The next prompt I need to work on is Dark-Sara Tancredi and Miles Matheson, which just BEGS for puns but I have no ideas on a plot. I'm open to suggestions?

On the car front, we're buying my grandmother's car from her and shipping it out here. It's a long process because she's not reliably well mentally (or physically) and has just moved to an assisted living facility. My aunt is taking care of her estate and right now she's got a lot on her plate. In the meantime we've borrowed my mother's car (which is insanely generous of her). But I'm dying to get this settled already.

On the YAY front, I'm visiting andacus next month. Cannot wait, guys. Cannot wait.

As far as tv-watching going, I'm possibly watching a record number of shows for me at this point... Vampire Diaries, White Collar, Castle, Suits, The Following, Ripper Street, Revolution (when it comes back), Walking Dead (when it comes back), Game of Thrones (when it comes back... eventually) and planning on trying Cult when it starts up. I also might try Monday Mornings because a) Jamie Bamber and b) set in Portland. It doesn't appeal to me otherwise, but... that might be enough for me to catch the premiere anyhow, since it's on demand. I'm enjoying the TV lately, guys. Lots of fun stuff on. More than there's been in a few years, it feels like. As fa as fic-reading goes, I've kinda devouring Castle fics right now with a few Suits fics, HP (always) fics and Avengers fics tossed in here and there.

The kids are great. Working on potty-training Shawn, which - even though we've just really started - is proving way the hell easier than Ava was. He's so eager-to-please and usually less stubborn than her (told him he was a big boy after he used the potty... he corrected me and said he was a man.. he's still two-years-old lol). We finally got him in gymnastics (he was soooooo jealous of Ava) and he loves it. He also has an epic crush on his teacher (who is young and sweet and adorable, so good choice Shawn!). She asked him "Do you like trains?" and he blushed madly, hugged my leg and mumbled "I like Teacher Mariah." Heart-meltingly cute, guys. He waves at her and calls her name the whole time Ava is in her class (they both have the same teacher).

Aaaaand, that's it about me for now.

On a note about you all, a lot of people on my friends list are having a very hard year so far. I'm thinking about you guys and reading your stories has done a lot to put my own minor problems in perspective. You know who you are... I'm wishing you much, much better things to come.

I'm sorry I don't have a photographic memory, but my brain is too busy being awesome.

I keep thinking "oh, hey, I should post on LJ about this" but... um... I never seem to. So, hi! Happy New Year and all that.

I haven't posted a picture of the munchkins in a bit so.... see below. They are all big and stuff! (JC Penneys did the card style thing. I am not that crafty or that dedicated...).

2012 christmas 26

They had a great Christmas. Not only did they clean up in the toy department (trampoline AND a cat... granted it's our own cat that my brother had living with him for a while, but they don't know that... ), but they got to facetime with my grandmother twice, which was hugely exciting both for them and my grandmother.

Dan is FINALLY going to be officially converted to a permanent employee at the IRS later this month. This is GREAT news for us (no more unemployment! YAY), but we also have increasing bills and dwindling savings, so I am probably going to have to go back to work. I'm not thrilled, honestly, for a lot of reasons, but if I have to then I have to. There's also a definite possibility that my parents could have to move out of state this year and if THAT happens, then I can kiss my free childcare goodbye with them. I've made a decision not to stress over it, though. I just can't.

I haven't been writing in about a month. I haven't wanted to, honestly. But I want to want to... if that makes sense. I did already write the next ficlet in my meme (like a month ago), so I'll probably post that here in a bit and I'm going to try and make myself start on the one after. Might happen, might not.

As I do periodically, I was hunting for new shows to devour. And I struck gold. Twice! One day, after the cable went out briefly and the menu had yet to reboot itself, I was channel surfing just by hitting the channel up button and tripped past oodles of infomercials and right up to Nathan Fillion being on my TV. Naturally, I went "MAL!" and recalled that several people have mentioned Castle as being pretty good. I wholly agree with them. I watched the entire series thus far in just over a week. Yeeeeeah. That was a lot of marathoning. After I finished it (and rewatched some with andacus as she's watching it now, too), I was twiddling my thumbs and bemoaning the length of the winter TV hiatus until I found that the entirity of Suits was On Demand and free. Now, I didn't expect much (on account of USA is a reliable network for fun, watchable shows that I will regularly tune in for but not really get hooked on), but holy shit did that show hook me (as evidenced by the awesome quote used in my subject line)! There will be more on these later. I am sure. But for now, this post is getting long. Anyone else watching Suits out there? Also... WHY isn't there a single Suits/Castle crossover on the whole of the internet? I just want Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) to be Rick Castle's (Nathan Fillion) lawyer... with some kind of unexplained, vaguely-alluded to past that could totally also be Firefly. With all the nerds on the internet, this can't be too much to ask, can it?

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My ability to post with anything approaching consistency is clearly fail.

First, I'm a jackass for not saying this earlier, but thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday last month.

Second, regarding fic writing... I haven't written anything in months. BUT, I have a new goal to finish "Four Girls..." before the end of the year. After that I'm either going to work on the next fic in my Prison Break series or work on something original. We'll see...

Speaking of writing, Ava (who is four) made up a story about the clouds pushing the moon across the sky so that it could see the Christmas lights before it went to sleep for the day. I'm wildly impressed by this. Also? It's super interesting how close that feels to something from mythology (you know, minus Christmas lights).

Dan ended up not going on furlough this year, which is great financially but I was kinda looking forward to him being off. It also looks like he'll finally be perm converted next month so that would mean no more furlough ever. This would definitely change his schedule around so that he works later in the day (right now he's on the 7:30-4 shift which means we need to leave the house by 6:40 every morning)... probably to the 9:30-6 or 10:30-7 shift. There are pluses and minuses to this. I hate getting up early but I do love having him home for dinner and getting the kids to bed... and they will most certainly fall asleep in the car if I'm picking him up at 7. With a later shift I'll be able to sleep in more which means I can stay up later, which works well for my writing. It'll just be an adjustment really.

My mother has been doing family history research and we've found out that my great-great-great-great grandmother's name was Walburga. Andacus said this means I'm a squib and I whole-heartedly agree (also I'm grateful that that side of my family doesn't name their kids after their familiy members).

Speaking of Walburga and Harry Potter... I'm playing an epic game of Sims where I took every character I care about (both canon and RPG) and made ancestors for them back to the same era as Phinneas Nigellus Black and I'm doing EVERYONE'S family trees. Yes, this is huge and crazy. Also? I got medieval era stuff and don't allow their households electricity. And they all have period clothes. It's excellent.

So... how is everyone? Life good? Done Christmas shopping yet?

Why is it always lists?

I haven't posted in... too long. So, here's things.

1) Dan will be on furlough (probably not for terribly long... a month or so) starting somewhere between ten days from now and November 22nd. Honestly? I'm kinda looking forward to it. Also? He shaved his head. I'm not certain, but I think it might have been partly due to much talk about how Wentworth Miller is ridiculously hot... It looks good, honestly. He's had the same haircut since he was 16 and it was making him look younger than he is (not in a great way).

2) Ava has been.... let's go with 'challenging' lately. Extremely argumentative, a little bit of regression in maturity, clingy, somewhat agressive (bit the hell out of her poor brother yesterday) and generally wildly frustrating. Screaming in my face is not okay. Copying everything I say is annoying as all hell. Acting like a baby is just ridiculous. And kicking/hitting/biting is seriously a problem. I know this isn't abnormal for a four-year-old (even though it's totally not acceptable) and I'm coping and working with her, but I won't say the frustration hasn't reduced me to tears a couple of times.

3) I have done zero plotting for my next story in my Prison Break series. Ooops? I was going to do it for NaNoWriMo, but frankly I don't know how that works with two preschool aged kids (especially when Ava is acting like this). I don't have three or four hours a day to commit. I just... I don't. Really, I don't know how I did it last time. And honestly I really want finish "Four Girls Sirius Black Could Have Fallen in Love With (And One He Did)" because it's been sitting 90% finished for like... eight months. So... yeah that's coming first (probably after the canon ending I'm writing an epilogue with AU endings because DAMN but canon is depressing like woah). So... it'll happen. Just probably not by the end of the year (though possibly I'll get a good chunk done once Dan's on furlough).

4) So, I'm watching Vampire Diaries (of course), Walking Dead, Revolution and Arrow (for now) this season. Anything rocking I'm missing out on? Vampire Diaries' premiere underwhelmed me (but their premiere always seems to?), Walking Dead was pretty great (though I desperately wanted to point out to Lori that if she dies in childbirth and comes back a walker, her baby is dead no matter what because it's not like they have baby formula lying around), Revolution feels like it's still finding its footing but I think it could be great if Charlie became less unrealistically naive and irksome, and Arrow... well, you just keep doing half-naked gratuitous excersize scenes and I'll keep on watching, mkay?

5) Guild Wars 2 has kinda fizzled for me. Loved it to start with but high end content is madly lacking and people creating drama is absurdly annoying. Don't they play these kind of games to get away from drama in their lives? I'm kinda wanting to play some Sims? Lets pretend I have time for either of these things.

6) The Twelve (sequel to The Passage) came out Tuesday! I was there when the bookstore opened to buy it. I've only had time to read the prologue so far, but I'm super excited about it. I do wish I hadn't loaned out The Passage though because I feel like I really could use a refresher...Anyhow, if you like zombies or apocolypses, go get these books. For srs. It's good stuff.

I know there's other things but my brain doesn't work today... So, anyhow, there's a brief update on my life. FUN TIMES RIGHT? I lead such an exciting existence...

Things in list form

1) I have read everyone's comments/feedback because my phone buzzes upon getting an e-mail, of course, and I can't NOT read them immediately. But I haven't had time to reply to... almost anyone. So, yeah. I'm reading. Will reply as soon as I'm not going bonkers.

2) Packing sucks.

3) I think I'm gonna do NaNoWriMo this year for the next story in my Prison Break series... I've never done NaNo before. I've always kind of meant to. Last two years I was working retail and November is NOT the time to commit to doing anything other than work crazy unpredictable hours. This year, I think I might be able to work it. Or at least give it a solid attempt. And timing-wise it works out because I'll be able to finish FMtM, take a deep breath, possibly write a short fic, and plot out WBtD before really starting it.

4) I am out of tape and low on boxes and thus must run to Home Depot for the third day in a row. Packing sucks.

5) Got Shawn into preschool for the fall. He'll go Mondays (I have to stay with him until he turns three at the end of March) and Ava goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He'll be ecstatic

6) I called the moving company we've used previously because I... cannot move that treadmill without killing myself. It's 700 lbs. And know when their next available appointment is (keep in mind I need only ONE hour and two people)... September third. YEAH. I was like "ummmm.... what?" Found another place that has an opening at 9 am on Friday so I've e-mailed my new landlord to try and find out what time we can get the keys Friday. I'm still waiting to hear back. Otherwise, their next appointment is NEXT wednesday and this makes me irked.

7) I really hate moving. I want to be dooooooone damn it!

8) There is zero chance that I'll have an update for FMtM on Wednesday. There is a slight chance I'll have one next week. But at this point I have 300 words written and only half my apartment packed, so I'm thinking two weeks from tomorrow for my next update. Sorry guys. You'll agree with me... moving sucks, yes? Yeah. 

*grumbles and runs to home depot...*

Life and Kids and Writing and Stuff

So, yesterday should have been awesome but mostly wasn't. The plan was to be at a free car seat safety check thing when they opened and go straight from there to the free multicultural fair (complete with bouncy castles). Since the kids had stayed up late to watch the opening ceremonies, I'd thought they'd sleep in a little. Alas, they were still up at 5:30. Even getting to the car seat safety check before they opened, we waited an HOUR AND A HALF in line. I'd have left the line but was fully boxed in by cars. Since they had so little sleep and the car seat thing took so long, we had an epic meltdown shortly after getting to the fair (because Ava could not climb the full sized rock wall. Sorry kid, they wouldn't even let you in more than half of the bouncy castles because you aren't five). I bodily hauled her kicking and screaming several blocks back to the car as she pinched me, kicked me, tried to throw herself headfirst onto the pavement, grabbed at everything and everyone nearby trying to hold on and howled like a banshee. In total contrast, Shawn kept saying "I had fun. Thank you!" over and over. Accordingly, I'm pretty freaking sore from wrestling with her. After naps were taken, things improved greatly. I got a fair bit written while they slept (I'm hoping to finish up my first draft of chapter nine today as I'm only about 1-1.5k away from done, I think) and we all kicked the ball around out back with the neighborhood kids after naps. Oh, and I finally saw Captain America after the kids went to bed since it's FINALLY streaming on Netflix.

Today promises much improvement. My parents are taking both kids berry picking all morning (yay!), gifting me and Dan with blessed silence in the house for a few hours. And Dan is so crazy supportive over my writing that he's literally offering to get the kids out of the house or kick me out with the laptop this afternoon until I finish up my chapter. This is kind of amazing to me since - even though it might mean a ton to me - at the end of the day, it's just fanfic. But, to him it's more about being encouraging and wanting me to develop the discipline to finish these things so that I can work on original stuff... someday. Any way you look at it, it's awesome, though. 

So um... yeah, that's it, I think.