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So many things...

So, Friday, shortly after hanging up from talking to my mother, my grandmother slipped and fell in her kitchen. She broke her hip and couldn't move. Now, my mother (her daughter-in-law) calls her daily, but since they'd just spoken, it was over 24 hours before my parents called my aunt and asked her to run over and check on her. By then she'd be in pain and without food or water for over a day. She's still confused (some of which is undoubtedly due to dehydration, but some of which is due to dementia), but went through surgery for her hip yesterday morning and is doing well. You hear about this kind of thing on the news with some regularity and it's always sad, but it's not the kind of thing you really think will happen to someone you care about. She's looking at six weeks of rehab, cancelling/postponing her trip out here for Ava's birthday, and probably all three of her kids taking turns helping her out for the duration of rehab (if not longer). I'm hoping this serves as the kick in the pants my family clearly needs to insist she can't live alone anymore, but we'll see.

In happier news, we've mostly settled in to our new place. It's pretty great, really. Right now I'm sitting out on my deck with the laptop while the kids pick weeds (so... so many weeds oh my God). Some of the kitchen stuff still has to be moved over and there are three or four boxes that need to be unpacked and I have yet to *clean* the old apartment, but it's a lot more put together than I'd anticipated for this point. There's been a lot of little things we've had to fix - things too small to bother the landlord with mostly - but they've really added up in terms of both time and money. On the bigger side of things we had to buy a new washer and dryer. The old tenants had told the landlord they wanted to leave their washer and dryer and that both worked. They lied. The washer made a noise but did nothing. Unfortunately it was always part of the understanding that the washer/dryer were not included in the rental... it was just good luck to have the old tenants' until they gave out. We went with a new washer/dryer rather than buy something used on CraigsList that might or might not last more than a few loads of laundry. So... that was $1800 we hadn't really anticipated spending yet. On the upside, it should last a long time and its a *really* good washer and dryer. There are some areas I really want to paint still but the only bigger thing left I feel like I need to mess with is the yard. I want to add some lattices to the bottom of the deck so the kids can't get under it (and their toys can't... I'm already tired of crawling under there to get their ball) and getting rid of the weeds/adding grass. Bough a bag of weed-and-feed, which hopefully will go a long ways.

Writing... hasn't happened yet. I've been rather ridiculously occupied with unpacking and organizing the house. But I want to get to it today. I also really want to rewatch an episode or two from seasons one or two as a refresher... maybe The Key and Chicago? There's an element to each of those episodes, a tension, that I definitely want to be channeling in this next chapter. They've been apart for so long - much longer than they were together - that there's some measure of relearning each other (her more than him because he's kind of been stuck in his life in some ways) and redefining their relationship. I've been looking forward to this chapter since I started writing these stories. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little anxious about doing it justice, because it will *never* turn out like it is in my head. It never does.

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Shawn kept telling me that he was going to have "fish toes" for breakfast. It made a lot more sense when Dan yelled "Shawn! Your French toast is ready!" LOL

I get the keys in two hours. I slept very little because brain was fixate on how much I have to get done. Of course now I'm tired and will ironically get less done...

I dreamt I was at some kind of movie and Matt Bomer was sitting next to Michael Weatherly and some other dude all chatting away in the same row as me. I didnt approach them and i dreamt that I was too nice to snap a picture and that I then went and flailed on my LJ but I kept having typos and since there were no pictures no one believed me. Even in my dreams I'm too nice.

Oh but then I kept dreaming about leaving my kids places... I was less nice in those dreams I guess

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If anyone happens to be looking for a good opportunity to start their own business, let me just say that there appear to be NO WHERE near enough moving companies in Portland, Oregon. I finally found someone with an availability for Saturday but it was the fifth place I called . Sheesh!

On another note, am I the only person seriously looking forward to Revolution? We all know I'm a post-apocolyptic storyline junkie, but I am squeeing with excitement every time I see a commercial. 

Things in list form

1) I have read everyone's comments/feedback because my phone buzzes upon getting an e-mail, of course, and I can't NOT read them immediately. But I haven't had time to reply to... almost anyone. So, yeah. I'm reading. Will reply as soon as I'm not going bonkers.

2) Packing sucks.

3) I think I'm gonna do NaNoWriMo this year for the next story in my Prison Break series... I've never done NaNo before. I've always kind of meant to. Last two years I was working retail and November is NOT the time to commit to doing anything other than work crazy unpredictable hours. This year, I think I might be able to work it. Or at least give it a solid attempt. And timing-wise it works out because I'll be able to finish FMtM, take a deep breath, possibly write a short fic, and plot out WBtD before really starting it.

4) I am out of tape and low on boxes and thus must run to Home Depot for the third day in a row. Packing sucks.

5) Got Shawn into preschool for the fall. He'll go Mondays (I have to stay with him until he turns three at the end of March) and Ava goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He'll be ecstatic

6) I called the moving company we've used previously because I... cannot move that treadmill without killing myself. It's 700 lbs. And know when their next available appointment is (keep in mind I need only ONE hour and two people)... September third. YEAH. I was like "ummmm.... what?" Found another place that has an opening at 9 am on Friday so I've e-mailed my new landlord to try and find out what time we can get the keys Friday. I'm still waiting to hear back. Otherwise, their next appointment is NEXT wednesday and this makes me irked.

7) I really hate moving. I want to be dooooooone damn it!

8) There is zero chance that I'll have an update for FMtM on Wednesday. There is a slight chance I'll have one next week. But at this point I have 300 words written and only half my apartment packed, so I'm thinking two weeks from tomorrow for my next update. Sorry guys. You'll agree with me... moving sucks, yes? Yeah. 

*grumbles and runs to home depot...*

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 How many of you guys remember 'Pinky and the Brain' (the cartoon)? Yeah... those are my cats and I have NO DOUBT which one is which. ("What are we going to do tonight, Peanut?" "The same thing we do every night, Cookie. Try and take over the WORLD!")

Earlier today, Peanut and Cookie saw fit to gather up their own poo out of their litter box and drop it over the edge of the loft right at my poor mother who was sitting there sipping her tea. SERIOUSLY! Thankfully they missed her tea... barely. It's a good thing she's the forgiving sort (and that their litter boxes will soon be relocated to the laundry room which is very much on the first floor, making aerial poo attacks far less likely). 

On another WTF note, it snowed today... in Portland... in late March. Yeeeeeeeah... that's just weird.

On another totally unrelated note, I really miss my computer and having a regular internet connection. I probably won't have that until at least Sunday. /sigh. Until then, I'm relegated to hijacking my dad's computer for a few minutes at a time to check e-mail and my flist. This is highly incompatable with reading or writing smut fanfic. Phooey.

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 So, i'm in the midst of moving and haven't been able to check my LJ since Sunday afternoon. Pfft. Two days. How bad could that be? I shall tell you how bad that can be... I had to skip 160 to see everything I missed! I swear on high, half of it was Twilight icons or fanmixes. I still haven't actually read much (other than andacus' failure at domesticity... sorry babe. Lord knows I've been there), but at least I feel better having skimmed it and knowing I didn't miss anything hugely significant. 

The move is going fairly well. We spent about 6 hours yesterday boxing crap up and sorting things and all. My computer is still at the apartment, but Dan's is here now (though we have yet to get it online... need to set up the wireless LAN). I should be able to get my comp over today or tomorrow, though... depending on how heavy my desk proves to be. The cats have adjusted to the move just fine. My mother is hilariously attempting to confine them to the upstairs (and away from her dog until she gives him back next month) by using a child safety gate at the top of the stairs. NOW... if you've ever seen pictures of or been to my house, you know that the entire upstairs loft/stairway has a slotted railing. In light of that, you can guess just how well the gate is working. Dan woke up this morning to find Peanut standing on the other side of the gate and crying desperately to be let back in the upstairs area. 

My allergies are already showing a MAJOR improvement, even though I've still spent a fair bit of time at the icky apartment boxing things up, but just from bending so much my stupid back is sore. I'm not lifting anything heavy, of course, but it's just the repetitive motion that's getting to me, I think. I'll be glad when it's done. I found a storage unit I think we'll use, but I still need to find movers and stuff. It'll work out, though. We have time.

On a totally separate note, my brother's boyfriend's schedule as an extra for Twilight got edited again and he's now supposed to be there tomorrow instead of today. So.... will report on that when I can. *wants details*

Going... going... gone

Soooooo... here's the deal. Dan and I were searching for a house to buy. I think I said that on my flist. However, with our current income level as it is and our rather non-existent savings, we're falling short cash-wise for the type of house we'd like to buy. Thus... with the generosity of my parents, we're moving in with them for the next year to save money toward buying a place.

This is simultaneously wonderful and lots of headdesk.

My parents have a really big house, so its really not a problem space-wise and I know from experience that they'll respect our space and need for privacy. The bigger problem here is that my brother is also currently living with them (and his boyfriend as good as lives there with how many nights he stays over). Now, it's a four bedroom house with a loft, a study, two and a half bathrooms, etc, etc. It's big. But that's a lot of people (and our three cats) under one roof... especially after the baby is born. BUT... it was the best option. Certainly better than buying something subpar or staying where we are (there is mold and mildew EVERYWHERE and it is horrifying and killing my allergies a lot). So, we gave notice to our apartment complex today. We have a month to move out, but we'll be gone before that... hopefully this week, coming back to finish boxing things up later and get it moved into a storage unit. So... If I'm not responding for a couple of days, it's because we're mid-move and the computer isn't hooked back up yet.

On a completely different note, I got the most kickass jacket for the baby today. It's a leather bomber jacket for 18 months old. It's lined and everything and super warm. It was originally $60. I got it on sale for $10. SCORE!!! Every little boy should have a leather bomber jacket. It's just cool.