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Despite a few slip-ups, I've lost 10 lbs in the past 4 weeks and today managed to comfortably get my ass into a pair of size 10 shorts. YAY! I'm still a 12 in most brands, but that's okay because I WAS a 14. We started the shopping spree my mom promised me a year ago (cumulative birthdays and christmas presents) with 5 new shirts and 4 new pants (shorts and capris). Two pieces will work for work-clothes and the rest won't, but for the first time in a LONG time it was fun to shop again. And that was awesome! I'm back to counting calories again today after a totally blown 4th of July and a really weird day yesterday (long story that isn't actually terribly interesting). Hopefully inside of two months all these clothes will be too big on me. That'll be fine. I bought clearance stuff and it's awfully seasonal anyhow. 

In other news my daughter is part-monkey. We found her on TOP of the shelf above the hanger bar in the closet when she was supposed to be napping. She used a combination of shelving as a ladder and some kind of crazy gymnastics move on the bar to get up there. The shelving is now gone, needless to say. Similarly, she used the handles on the kitchen cabinets as a ladder and climbed on top of the island. I don't need to babyproof the house. I need to houseproof her! I'm going to go grey very, very early. 
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 Fuck, you guys, I am in get-shit-DONE mode today! I've seriously accomplished a TON of things this morning/afternoon... including some that have been sitting for YEARS waiting for me to do ("Hi bank, what can I do with my old 401k from my job in 2006?"). The paper shredder might have a heart attack and die a horrible, short-circuited death if I keep this up. On the downside... I can't seem to find my credit card (EEP!) which I was going to use to pay the $100 hospital bill from Shawn's birth. Oops? Must find that. I saw it like two days ago in the bathroom. I fear Ava might have gotten ahold of it and gone on a mini shopping spree buying bubbles and balloons and flowers.

Diet continues to go well. By my own rules I can weigh myself on Monday and I'm sooooo anxious to see what it says (my mom thinks I've lost at least 10 pounds). I've been doing really well and have only gone over by more than 100 calories once in three and a half weeks (that time was about 300 calories over... I needed a burger and fries kinda desperately). Most days I'm a few calories under my goal, which is awesome. I have more energy, my clothes fit better and I'm eating healthier. Yeah, I miss having oodles of cheese and cream sauces and lots of bread, but the trade off is worth it and it's not like I can NEVER have these things... I just have to have them in moderation and sparingly. 

How's life ppl? I'd tell you more about mine, but at the moment that would include copious bitching about Dan's grandfather's house that we've maybe-but-not-quite sold (and I like you all better than to subject you to that).

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It's just not a good start to your morning when you go to have a spoonful of creamy peanut butter for breakfast and there's something crunchy in it. Yeeeeeah, I spit it out fast and had a banana instead. Yesterday's calories were 1270 (including a 'fun sized' Hershey's bar - which my PMSing self needed very much) and today is on track. My awesome lunch consisted of 4 ounces of grilled skinless chicken breast with a little olive oil brushed on it, some lemon juice squeezed over it and some capers on top with a side of grilled asparagus and onions. SO GOOD and awfully healthy, too! 

In less awesome news, we got mail from a medical insurance company we had about 15-20 years ago that said their laptops had been stolen along with our private information - including names, addresses, medical records AND social security numbers. ~*~AWESOME~*~. I am highly displeased, for obvious reasons. 

For whatever reason my DVR thinks its supposed to record True Blood on Monday nights, so I've not seen it yet. I did, however, watch Tudors. I can't believe next week is the series finale! I shall miss you, my pervy little inaccurate historical porny drama.

There was something else I was gonna post but I forgot what. Oh well. Ah, this wasn't it, but no news on the house. Expecting news tonight, hopefully, because the buyers' realtor is meeting with them this afternoon. Fingers are crossed like woah.

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I went very slightly over my calorie goal yesterday - 1368 calories when my goal is 1280 - entirely due to a third glass of red wine. Oh well. It's not like I went hog wild and it didn't discourage me from keeping with it (in large part because I'm already seeing results in that I can actually sit down and breathe at the same time while wearing non-pregnancy pants).

Today's meals have totaled 1190 so far... I'll have to come up with a midnight snack or something later because I refuse to stay below 1250 for the day. I think I'm not gonna detail my exact meals here anymore - just my calories for the day before. I'm still tracking them on Livestrong.com but I don't think too many people care exactly what I'm eating and I don't feel like I need to be posting to stick with it anymore.

In completely different news, Dan went into Ava's room this morning to find her... sitting on top of her dresser. She's a climber. I knew this already (she tried to use the handles on the kitchen cabinets as a ladder), but it's seriously frustrating because you can only baby-proof just so much. On a related note, she figured out how to undo the locks on the kitchen cabinets and how to wriggle out of her car seat straps, even tightened as much as they can go. *sigh* Also, we got her a 'big girl' bedding set today, since she's been on a real mattress for a year now and still didn't have one. It's super pretty and was on sale for $50 at Bed Bath and Beyond, including the throw pillows and sheets and stuff. We thought it was as good a deal as we were likely to find.  Oh, and the kids had their pictures taken yesterday... will post them tomorrow or Monday.

*drumroll* Now for the super exciting news (to me). We FINALLY have a serious bid on Dan's grandfather's house. It's obviously not as much as we wanted, but then home prices have been steadily dropping for ages (we were listed more than $20k below what the appraiser told us it was worth last summer). It's been on the market since the beginning of April (we started at $229k and dropped the price last month to $212.5k) and this is the first bid worth talking about. We're negotiating now (they offered $197k + closing, we countered with $205k + closing and up to 3k toward what's found in inspection... which really they should take, I think). I mean... yes, the place needs a ton of work, but it's friggin HUGE... 

Also? I love the farmer's market this time of year. YAY FOR FRESH ENGLISH PEAS! 
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 Yesterday's totals - 

Gross - 1375 calories

Exercise - burned 88 calories (8 minutes of sit-ups)

Net - 1287 calories

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In other news, Shawn has been through 8 outfits today because he keeps spitting up (joy) and I haven't heard back on the job applications I sent in last week... woe. 

I'm having home-made chicken stir fry tonight, which is YAY! I've always loved that and provided I don't go wild on the rice, it should fit well into my diet.
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 Yesterday's totals:

1276 calories... no exercise though.

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I feel great, honestly. I'm a little bit hungry, but not much and I'm generally just feeling more proactive and like I'm achieving something. This is easily the best I've ever felt while being on a diet... which is why I think I can stick with this in the long-haul.

I know that 1280 calories honestly isn't much and that a lot of people have commented about dietitians recommending a 1600 minimum.  Ideally, I'd love to eat 1600 and burn off 300 in exercise, but I'm not sure I can do that on a regular basis with the kids. Maybe over the summer while the weather is better (starting later this week, if our weathermen are to be believed). But regardless, I'm going to stick with a goal of 1250-1300 net calories a day for a month and then reevaluate how I'm feeling and what progress I've made and make adjustments accordingly. I have to stick with my current plan or I'll just shoot it all to hell and I know it. 

Anyone know anything about those "shape up" shoes? How do they work? DO they work? I'm wondering if maybe I would burn more calories in the same .8 mile walk around the lake than without them. I don't think the kids would put up with 2 laps around it... and I would be pushing them in the stroller. 

Also, looking for dinner suggestions if anyone has any yummy and healthy ideas? I should have about 500 calories to play with still by dinner time.

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 Thanks for all the encouragement on the diet, guys! A few people (online and not) even said I was inspiring them to eat better. That kinda amazes me, honestly. I mean it *was* Day One of the diet LOL.

Yesterday's totals -

Gross calories - 1466
Calories burned through exercise - 186
Net calories - 1280

WOOHOO! Great start, I think. I'm pretty pleased and NOT ACTUALLY HUNGRY YAY!

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In unrelated news, this video is Ava's current favorite thing EVER. We watched it 16 times the other day... in one day. Obviously, I think it's kinda cute or I wouldn't have let her watch it so many times!