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So, I've been getting some writing done. Not as much as I'd like and not necessarily in the fics I'd most like to be working on, but it's still a good thing. Finished a 5k Revolution fic (IDEK, it hit me and it needed to happen) today. Awaiting a beta before I post it. It's the closest to slash I've ever written, honestly. More Monroe/inferiority-complex than anything else but definite undertones of Miles/Monroe throughout. Anyhow, it has lots of skewed navel-gazing and parenthetical asides and metaphors and I mostly am pretty darn happy with it. It's called Toy Soldiers and I expect I'll post it here in a couple of days (though if someone on my flist is secretly a crazed Revolution fan and wants a sneak peek, I wouldn't say no to a second beta on it).

Next writing project is back to working on my Castle meta fic (Death of a Fangirl). I need to rewatch "Sucker Punch" because I'm using the Westies in it and I wanna get Finn Rourke's voice right (darn... such a trial rewatching Castle. :-p). I'm about 5.5k into the fic, which I plan to run about 25-30k (as if my plans ever actually happen).

In non-fanish news... Tuesday after swimming class, Shawn (who is three) slipped and face-planted on the wet floor of the bathroom and completely shattered a front tooth. I'm not gonna lie, I panicked. Kinda stupidly. He's fine now, but he did have to have what was left of the tooth extracted and they won't know if there was damage to his permanent tooth until it comes it. Tooth fairy brought him an etch-a-sketch and me a six-pack of beer (I feel I earned it; thank you, tooth fairy).

Otherwise things are good. My parents got back from their three week cruise/vacation this week and the kids are over the moon that they're back. Ava misses school (which has been out for almost a month now), but I've been keeping the kids pretty busy so she's coping. OH and she's OBSESSED with the Sims on the ipad (this is genetic, maybe?). The ipad version of the sims has them do everything in real time. So, like, if they sleep for eight hours, they sleep for eight hours. She will sit there and watch them do this. She also has started walking around speaking Simlish, which is hilarious. Pic below was taken this morning.


Happy birthday Shawn!

My little man is three today! Somehow it's sunny and dry and gorgeous out so we are spending most of the day at the park. He's thrilled (and its free so double yay!). The weather also makes for great pictures...

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

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Edit: OMG I had no idea pictures posted from my phone turn out ENORMOUS... Edited for size. Sorry!


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Finally got myself to write, which I've had a seriously hard time with for like two months now, and I'm finally liking what I've got. Expect the next three in my ficlet meme up tomorrow (prompts crack-clio harper, horror-stella gardner, and baby fic-michael scofield and damon salvatore). That "crack-Clio Harper'' prompt was a huge hurdle for me. I literally wrote an entire fic, deleted it all and started over. Never done that before, but it was totally necessary. The next prompt I need to work on is Dark-Sara Tancredi and Miles Matheson, which just BEGS for puns but I have no ideas on a plot. I'm open to suggestions?

On the car front, we're buying my grandmother's car from her and shipping it out here. It's a long process because she's not reliably well mentally (or physically) and has just moved to an assisted living facility. My aunt is taking care of her estate and right now she's got a lot on her plate. In the meantime we've borrowed my mother's car (which is insanely generous of her). But I'm dying to get this settled already.

On the YAY front, I'm visiting andacus next month. Cannot wait, guys. Cannot wait.

As far as tv-watching going, I'm possibly watching a record number of shows for me at this point... Vampire Diaries, White Collar, Castle, Suits, The Following, Ripper Street, Revolution (when it comes back), Walking Dead (when it comes back), Game of Thrones (when it comes back... eventually) and planning on trying Cult when it starts up. I also might try Monday Mornings because a) Jamie Bamber and b) set in Portland. It doesn't appeal to me otherwise, but... that might be enough for me to catch the premiere anyhow, since it's on demand. I'm enjoying the TV lately, guys. Lots of fun stuff on. More than there's been in a few years, it feels like. As fa as fic-reading goes, I've kinda devouring Castle fics right now with a few Suits fics, HP (always) fics and Avengers fics tossed in here and there.

The kids are great. Working on potty-training Shawn, which - even though we've just really started - is proving way the hell easier than Ava was. He's so eager-to-please and usually less stubborn than her (told him he was a big boy after he used the potty... he corrected me and said he was a man.. he's still two-years-old lol). We finally got him in gymnastics (he was soooooo jealous of Ava) and he loves it. He also has an epic crush on his teacher (who is young and sweet and adorable, so good choice Shawn!). She asked him "Do you like trains?" and he blushed madly, hugged my leg and mumbled "I like Teacher Mariah." Heart-meltingly cute, guys. He waves at her and calls her name the whole time Ava is in her class (they both have the same teacher).

Aaaaand, that's it about me for now.

On a note about you all, a lot of people on my friends list are having a very hard year so far. I'm thinking about you guys and reading your stories has done a lot to put my own minor problems in perspective. You know who you are... I'm wishing you much, much better things to come.

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1) I am home sick today because (unsurprisingly) I've caught whatever the kids have had. Low-grade fever, nasty rattling cough and very achy muscles. Calling out on a sunny "weekend" day at work during a one-day-sale when I had a nine hour shift and already called out for all my other shifts this week? Maybe not the best. Good thing I'm thinking I'm not gonna be there much longer anyhow. 

2) prisonbreakfic.net is down again? This makes me super duper sad. Hope its up soon because... I need my fix and I've read like 90% of what's on FFN and most of whats on LJ. 

3) Was there never a Prison Break blooper/gag reel? Whhyyyyyy??? If I'm just missing it, please someone tell me?

4) Recent kiddo pictures just because it's been a while...

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5) Off to attempt to write... if that fails I'm having a mini marathon because I really would prefer to be curled up on the sofa anyhow and the kids are at my parents' house...

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So Shawn turned two yesterday! 

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This was taken shortly before my daughter nailed him straight between the eyes with a t-ball that she hit PERFECTLY. I'm gunning for a sports scholarship somewhere in her future. (Please, universe?)

If the sports thing doesn't work out, maybe photography will? She's gone batty with the iPad's photo capabilities. More shots behind the cut.

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In totally unrelated news, I'm working on my Prison Break fics as I can (which is to say, nowhere near often enough) and I might possibly totally be going to play a Prison Break neighborhood in Sims2 just as soon as I find my disk... Which might take some doing. What do you mean writing-as-i-can and playing-sims-2 are in complete contradiction to each other? Pfft... Pfft I say.

One of these days I also need to finish up my "Four Girls Sirius Black Could Have Fallen In Love With (And One He Did)" since I have like 75% of it done and a solid 15k words not posted yet... But, um, PB has priority at the moment. Michael and Sara have taken over my brain while Sirius and his girl appear to have left my brain and gone on vacation for the first time in - oh - five years or so. (They've earned it) 

Also, while I work tonight (3:15-10:15 yuck), I have Sunday off! In fact, I have the next THREE Sundays off! This is amazing and will never ever happen again. 

Stuff and Things

In list form (just because)... 

1) I am still here (Hi all!)
2) Ava turns two tomorrow! (OMFG, whut?) Her party is Sunday and shall be Elmo themed because he is her favorite thing in the entire world. She occasionally uses full sentences now ("I don't like Shawn crying"), has learned the power of the word "please" and still could give a damn about toys and blocks because things like kicking a ball outdoors or pushing her doll (whom she's renamed Baby Shawn) on the swing are a billion times better. 
3) Dan goes on furlough next friday, but could be back to work as soon as sometime in October. This is actually good. If only we had the money, we'd totally go somewhere (anywhere) on vacation. Alas... we do not.
4) I am doing quite well at work and there's at least one other manager who wants to steal me away from my current position (no offer of a promotion or raise yet though). 
5) THE HOUSE FINALLY SOLD! HELL YES! The check came through today and now the estate just has to be settled. We're getting WAY less for it than we'd thought (had to replace the roof amongst other things... and housing prices dropped like woah). But our cut, when we get it in January, will certainly more than pay off our car and our credit card debt. 
6) Shawn's started on rice cereal (with banana in it today) and is in love with eating. He makes very happy noises and tries to grab the spoon and shove it in his mouth because I'm clearly not fast enough at feeding him. 
7) On a note related to number three, I spend too much money. 
8) Ava is possibly attempting to give up naps (this one I will fight for. Sorry kiddo. Naptime is more for mommy than for you).
9) Um... that's it.

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Based on an analysis of The Way We Fall.. 

I write like
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On the less winning side of life, my son kept me up until 3:30 this morning. I'm a zombie (which, speaking of that, oh Portland... ) and I have to work in like an hour. It's a short shift but I was gonna try and pick up a few extra hours just to put away the dresses that have accumulated from people trying on dozens of things at a time (not exaggerating). We'll see... I might be walking dead by the time my short little shift is done and if not my boss might not have the hours for me to stay on anyhow...

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I went very slightly over my calorie goal yesterday - 1368 calories when my goal is 1280 - entirely due to a third glass of red wine. Oh well. It's not like I went hog wild and it didn't discourage me from keeping with it (in large part because I'm already seeing results in that I can actually sit down and breathe at the same time while wearing non-pregnancy pants).

Today's meals have totaled 1190 so far... I'll have to come up with a midnight snack or something later because I refuse to stay below 1250 for the day. I think I'm not gonna detail my exact meals here anymore - just my calories for the day before. I'm still tracking them on Livestrong.com but I don't think too many people care exactly what I'm eating and I don't feel like I need to be posting to stick with it anymore.

In completely different news, Dan went into Ava's room this morning to find her... sitting on top of her dresser. She's a climber. I knew this already (she tried to use the handles on the kitchen cabinets as a ladder), but it's seriously frustrating because you can only baby-proof just so much. On a related note, she figured out how to undo the locks on the kitchen cabinets and how to wriggle out of her car seat straps, even tightened as much as they can go. *sigh* Also, we got her a 'big girl' bedding set today, since she's been on a real mattress for a year now and still didn't have one. It's super pretty and was on sale for $50 at Bed Bath and Beyond, including the throw pillows and sheets and stuff. We thought it was as good a deal as we were likely to find.  Oh, and the kids had their pictures taken yesterday... will post them tomorrow or Monday.

*drumroll* Now for the super exciting news (to me). We FINALLY have a serious bid on Dan's grandfather's house. It's obviously not as much as we wanted, but then home prices have been steadily dropping for ages (we were listed more than $20k below what the appraiser told us it was worth last summer). It's been on the market since the beginning of April (we started at $229k and dropped the price last month to $212.5k) and this is the first bid worth talking about. We're negotiating now (they offered $197k + closing, we countered with $205k + closing and up to 3k toward what's found in inspection... which really they should take, I think). I mean... yes, the place needs a ton of work, but it's friggin HUGE... 

Also? I love the farmer's market this time of year. YAY FOR FRESH ENGLISH PEAS! 

This is really not how I'd planned to lose the baby weight...

Uuuuuuugh... stomach flu ftl you guys.

Ava and I have both been sick all week. Today was her worst by a lot. There was a good solid hour of hysterical sobbing this morning and then she just wanted to sit on my lap and watch tv. She NEVER watches tv for more than 2-3 minutes (even Elmo). After her nap she was a fair bit better though, so I'm hoping that I'll be on the mend a lot more tomorrow. Of course, Dan just came down with this today. And my poor father also came down with it today - so suddenly and so hard that he puked and fainted at his eye doctor's office (thankfully the nurse was Very Aware and caught him so that he didn't hit his head on the ground or anything as he fell) - and ended up in the ER for the better part of the afternoon.  They released him after some tests and IV fluids, but he's still dizzy and feeling gross (which we all relate to).

FUN TIMES you guys. I am hoping like hell that Shawn avoids getting this somehow because that would be Very Bad.