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All of the things (a total mishmosh)

1. I'm visiting andacus in a couple of days. Cannot. Wait. For srs. It'll be warm and sunny and I'll have my bff and wine and other assorted alcohols and yummy food and a bit of a break from my adorable munchkins. Let me tell you, this is appealing so, so very much.

2. Ava is continuing to love her gymnastics class and is progressing fast enough and showing enough promise that they've asked her to join the new competitive training class. It's meant to teach the basics early on to start a good foundation for kids who want to do gymnastics competitively later and it's invite-only. I'd never push her to do a sport competitively if she didn't want to, but I'd like her to have a good foundation in case she wants to. Plus the class is twice as long (which she would love) and small with lots of one-on-one attention. So, I think we're gonna try it out and see if she still likes it. If it's too much pressure or not enough fun or whatever for her, we'll switch back.

3. I'm writing some. I've made slow but visible progress on "Four Girls Sirius Black Could Have Fallen In Love With (And One He Did)." I'm still not entirely certain how that fic has turned into such a long one, but it is. It's not flowing as easily as it did last time I was working on it, but honestly I'm just pretty proud to have come back to a fic a year after taking a break from it and making progress on it. It might help that it's existed in my head one way or another for six years now... That's a hell of a thought... Shit, i need to learn to write way the hell faster.

4. In my headcanon, "Girl on Fire" is Castle's personal theme song for Nikki Heat. This makes me laugh every damn time it's on the radio. Yes, I know I'm a total dork. This is not news.

5. Everyone in my immediate family is illness-free for the first time this year since mid-January - which is fantastic and well overdue - but my extended family isn't doing so hot. My uncle's in the hospital with heart problems. My grandmother's mental faculties are... poor and she fell again (this time breaking her clavicle, but at least it wasn't her hip and at least she wasn't on the floor for two days before someone found her this time). She is finally moving to an assisted living home. It makes me sigh and feel old.

6. I've read so many fanfics in the last few weeks that they are actually starting to blur together. You'd think that would make them less enjoyable, but no. Not really.

Um... that is all, I think. Other than a hello. HELLO!

Life's a beach!

Oregon beaches are not what you picture when you think "beach." Pine trees grow all the way up to the sand. There's more sweatshirts than swimsuits (the high was 63 today). And there are plenty of people here who take kite-flying and making sandcastles WAY too seriously. 

Tiny towns dot the coast, built mostly around tourism or fishing or shipping (or, in Tillamook's case... cheese). There are overpriced art galleries and hand-blown glass studios every few miles and saltwater taffy can be found everywhere. The dog-to-person ratio has to be about even and despite the number of hotels, motels and rentals, there are NO private beachfronts in the whole state. 

We went to Cannon Beach this morning, my favorite and the closest to Portland at just over an hour and a half drive. For some reason that defies my entire personality and life thus far, I woke up feeling energized before 7 am. This is a first for me. No joke. The kids were already up and so was Dan so we left by 7:30 and got to the coast by 9, easily beating the weekend rush. We left around noon, just when the vacationers seemed to be getting up and milling about town and grabbed some of my favorite coffee on the way out of town (Sleepy Monk Coffee, mmmm). The kids had a blast.

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Okay, so I owe you all an update, don't I? There's a lot, cause it's been a while. But, here we go.

1) Cally is not doing well. We knew this was coming and she's given us longer than we should have hoped for, but I doubt she has more than a few days to a week left. She's apparently feeling fine, but eating virtually nothing and losing weight rapidly. The veterinary surgeon had said that this was what would happen and that it would be fast, but it's hard to see. However, she's not acting like she's in pain, which is a blessing, so we're playing it by ear for now.

2) My kittens were apparently pissed that we left them. Literally. The front hall smells like cat pee and so did my pillow when we got back. Nice, kittens. Nice.

3) Dan got the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! The state mis-graded his tax preparation license exam and he actually passed. YAY. This is especially good since we just found out that his job is being eliminated at the bank. He's been told he'll still have a job there, but probably a demotion.

4) Also on the job front, I have the best timing ever in deciding to start looking for part-time work. Oregon has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country (nine percent). A local call center was opening with 30 positions so they had an open house... and 800 people showed up to apply. Likewise, a local gardening center was hiring someone to work with trees and shrubs, in 48 hours of posting the job online they had 300 applicants... some with PHDs. Yeeeeeah, I'm not optimistic. I am, however, applying (though not for those jobs).

5) Going to Florida was not a vacation. It was an obligation and it was exhausting. How exhausting, you might ask? Collapse )
In short, I am super glad to be home, OMG.

My grandfather is almost 87 and he's very suddenly seeming very, very old. His hearing is awful and he's getting confused more easily. He's occasionally mistaken me for my mother for years, but usually it's just been a slip of the tongue and not honest confusion. It's different now. And, he thinks all doctors are just out to make money and they don't really need to see him, so he's canceling his appointments without telling anyone. I really don't know if I'll ever see him again at this point and that's pretty hard to realize.

6) We started Ava on eating food last night. Just rice cereal of course. She wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but she's got the chewing motion down. It was pretty cute, even if she did end up mostly wearing it.

7) My 'to do' list is now longer than my arm. For real, ppls. It's not good.

Abandoned journalism editing degree - Quite expensive
Unused communication degree - More money than I care to admit
Having a vocabulary good enough that I can win at Boggle without explaining that 'hentai' is a word - and defining it - for my grandfather's girlfriend? Priceless.

9) I was reading a book on the plane (which I'm not actually done with) called Greywalker. It's okay, I'm not about to rec it or anything (in spite of the fact that the quotes saying how great it is on the cover are from Charlaine Harris), but it's readable. At any rate, the two main vampires in it? Their names are Edward and Alice. And it's in Washington. I'd been all set to condemn SMeyer yet again as ripping people off since the main character in the book has dial-up internet and therefore I'd assumed this was an older book, but apparently it was written in 2006. Huh.
10) My stupid blood pressure is high, so I have to cut back on salt and fat and exercise more (or at all). I am highly displeased. HIGHLY DISPLEASED.

Up Up And Away...

I leave in the morning for Florida and will be back on Thursday the 22nd (late). Do try not to let the webernetz explode in my absence? I won't have computer access while I'm gone (and wouldn't check my LJ anyhow, because I won't have seen BSG or SPN yet).

Ciao for now!
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To Do
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Complete said list

NO REALLY! I actually am that far behind. I mean, yeah I have an unfinished 'to do' list, but it's (almost) all stuff that can wait until after my trip. And... at this point? Yeah, I leave early Thursday, which might sound like plenty of time, but not when you factor in the 13 pounds of adorableness that wants to be cuddled about 23.5 hours a day.  And if I forget something? Well... there's just plenty more that needs to be remembered this time around... like Ava's birth certificate to serve as proof that she is - in fact - a baby and not a secret undercover terrorist so that she can board the cruise ship for Amber's wedding. Sadly I am not kidding. She just discovered her feet, people!  If she whips out an AK-47and starts mowing the wedding party down, you can totally tell me 'I told you so' but until that time, I'm pretty convinced that the only thing approximating a danger from her is her diaper (which might loosely be termed a biological weapon).