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My parents got me a Twilight birthday card as a gag gift. There's a bookmark that pops out. NO REALLY, they did. I open this card and there's RPattz making sickeningly gooey, lovey eyes at KStew and I was like "...omfg" and my mother loudly shouts "YOUR FATHER PICKED IT!" and throws her hands in the air. The prompted a lively debate in between me and my brother about the merits of Twilight (I say its poorly plotted and terribly written. He says since most people like it and it makes lots of money, then that means I must be wrong. My brain explodes from his thought processes and general lemming tendencies). There was, however, cake. And so the evening was saved by chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting. 


1) The Twilight spoilers (which may end up discussed in comments, consider yourself warned), are LOLtastically awesome in their sheer cheese and badness. I am actually looking forward to Breaking Dawn more because of them. Additionally, I am incredibly grateful that I can buy it at almost half price off of Amazon, both making it cheaper and sparing me the humiliation of being 8 months pregnant and standing in line with flailing teenage fangirls to buy it.

2) The HBP trailer (ty redfairie19 for posting it!) is made of sheer awesome!!!! Pardon me while I squee excessively and hug my local IMAX theater.

3) The weather is AWESOME. I don't care about the wind or clouds or occasional rain. It's in the 60s and I'm wearing shorts and a tank top and am blissfully not sweating and camped out in front of a fan. This is new and fantastical.

4) The baby furniture store called and our crib and dresser are in! It's four weeks ahead of schedule, which is GREAT because I'm totally jonesing to get her room all set up.

5) Speaking of the nursery, my mom is painting a gorgeous painting (on 30 x 40 canvas) of some faeries playing amongst some garden flowers. It's exactly what I wanted for Ava's room. We're also going to lighten up some of the green wall paint and use a butterfly shaped stencil or sponge to put a few randomly around the room. My totally crafty and awesome mom is also going to make drapes for the room (thank goodness, because I sure don't have the skill) and has already recovered (and added padding to) my glider.


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Is there an unwritten rule somewhere that plot bunnies MUST bite you at the absolute worst time possible? SERIOUSLY. At this point I'll probably have like the BEST STORY IDEA EVER... in the middle of labor.

To be fair, this particular plot bunny made its presence known months ago, it just chose to bite me now... when I have to be up early tomorrow. STILL... I cannot blame it as it is slightly awesome and I'm rather in shock that no one seems to have written it yet as it seems SO OBVIOUSLY COOL to me (though trippy and creepy and not really very shippy, so I suppose I can see why no one has written it. Also, ironically, it has an actual bunny in it... or rather a rabbit... will make total sense later, I SWEAR). It will, however, be a multi-chapter fic. WOE, we all know how I suck at finishing those. So... you all won't be getting any of it until I've finished the damn thing, at least that's my plan (unless you are andacus, cause you are special and also because we kinda brainstormed the idea together). We'll see how my willpower goes...

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Anyone else about this close [-] to unsubscribing from lion_lamb? I mean... my God the spam from that comm is utterly insane. I DO NOT CARE if you met someone named Edward who happens to drive a Volvo. NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE. Also, yes, your playlist probably fits Twilight quite well (assuming it's all emo music, which, really, it probably is), but I'm still not listening to it. And if two other people already posted a link to a video EARLIER IN THE SAME DAY, there is no reason for you to also post it.

*beats head on desk*

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 So, i'm in the midst of moving and haven't been able to check my LJ since Sunday afternoon. Pfft. Two days. How bad could that be? I shall tell you how bad that can be... I had to skip 160 to see everything I missed! I swear on high, half of it was Twilight icons or fanmixes. I still haven't actually read much (other than andacus' failure at domesticity... sorry babe. Lord knows I've been there), but at least I feel better having skimmed it and knowing I didn't miss anything hugely significant. 

The move is going fairly well. We spent about 6 hours yesterday boxing crap up and sorting things and all. My computer is still at the apartment, but Dan's is here now (though we have yet to get it online... need to set up the wireless LAN). I should be able to get my comp over today or tomorrow, though... depending on how heavy my desk proves to be. The cats have adjusted to the move just fine. My mother is hilariously attempting to confine them to the upstairs (and away from her dog until she gives him back next month) by using a child safety gate at the top of the stairs. NOW... if you've ever seen pictures of or been to my house, you know that the entire upstairs loft/stairway has a slotted railing. In light of that, you can guess just how well the gate is working. Dan woke up this morning to find Peanut standing on the other side of the gate and crying desperately to be let back in the upstairs area. 

My allergies are already showing a MAJOR improvement, even though I've still spent a fair bit of time at the icky apartment boxing things up, but just from bending so much my stupid back is sore. I'm not lifting anything heavy, of course, but it's just the repetitive motion that's getting to me, I think. I'll be glad when it's done. I found a storage unit I think we'll use, but I still need to find movers and stuff. It'll work out, though. We have time.

On a totally separate note, my brother's boyfriend's schedule as an extra for Twilight got edited again and he's now supposed to be there tomorrow instead of today. So.... will report on that when I can. *wants details*

Twilight movie

Know how I mentioned that my brother's boyfriend is an extra in the Twilight movie? Well, his first day is this coming Tuesday (and Wednesday as well... which means they're back in Portland for filming, though they haven't even told the extras exactly where, yet) . I will be demanding details from him on everything and passing along whatever info I can get. He's slated to be in THREE separate scenes (cafeteria, prom and the hospital), so hopefully he should get an eyeful.

Stay tuned for details!!!

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So... you know how if you go a while without writing it can be oddly difficult to start again? Okay, maybe that's just me. I currently have THREE tabs open with reference information for a fic I want to write... I've written all of two paragraphs. Why, you might ask? I am OBSESSING over details. The opening bit of the fic is set in London during the Great Plague in 1665. So, I have open tabs on symptoms of the plague, the wikipedia entry on The Great Plague and a bio entry on the character. Yet, here I am, biting my nails over the attitudes/social norms/environment of the era.


This is for a Twilight fic. Now, I don't know about you, but I've read quite a lot of Twilight fic and most authors don't even check that the characters' names are spelled correctly (I've seen Emmet more times than I can count and several Roslaiel to their credit, I have yet to see either Edward or Bella spelled incorrectly). Hell, even Stephenie Meyer got historical stuff wrong in the ACTUAL books (Alice would not have suffered through shock therapy at the asylum. It wasn't invented yet when she was human). And yet, here I am trying to verify that the streets are cobblestone in London in the mid 1600s, looking up Cromwell's rule, the Anglican church and common beliefs about medicine at the time.


Will anyone in the whole fandom (other than those of you on my flist who seem to be more observant and brighter than the average fan) ever even notice if I screw up some detail about 17th century England? Not likely. Am I really that much of a perfectionist? No, I'm really not. At least, not in any other way in my life. So why this? I DO NOT KNOW. I can (or could, as I've not done so in a criminally long time) sit down and write out a sizable RPG tag in one sitting on a fairly regular basis (er... other than Remus, for some reason). Yet, with fic... I cannot. Or possibly it's just that I am out of practice. I don't know. All that I know is that I would headdesk a lot if only my desk were clean enough to do so.


Why does the Twilight fandom seem to write so many fanfics where the characters are all human? Why do they so frequently write in first person but change with each chapter whose point of view the story is told from?

I have a few theories, but I'm honestly curious what you guys think...